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What Dawn Stands For

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Community Resiliency 

Lane County has been tested by record-breaking heat, devastating wildfires, and a deadly pandemic. Dawn knows it's up to us to invest now to prepare for the next crisis. That means:

  • Protecting agricultural land and supporting local food production 

  • Improving our water supply

  • Building new emergency preparedness systems 

Meeting Basic Needs 

At the most basic level, county government must help all residents—and particularly our most vulnerable neighbors—meet their basic needs. Dawn will always stand up for:

  • Improving access to emergency shelter and building affordable housing at all levels 

  • Expanding access to quality, affordable healthcare for all 

  • Investing in rural broadband internet infrastructure

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Climate Action 

Lane County's rural and small-town communities are feeling the effects of climate change first-hand. It's time for more than talking and planning. It's time for action:

  • Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels 

  • Supporting renewable energy jobs and industries 

  • Improving energy efficiency 

  • Holding polluters accountable

Bridging Divides 

Across partisan divides and urban-rural lines, Dawn believes we have more in common than what divides us. As County Commissioner, she will:

  • Always focus on problem-solving, not ideological politics

  • Build stronger private-public partnerships to take advantage of our region's talent

  • Stay focused on our future—not short-term, stop-gap measures

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