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Dawn Lesley

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Trusted Leaders Trust Dawn Lesley for Lane County Commissioner

"I trust Dawn Lesley to fight for West Lane County. We need her independent leadership on the Board of County Commissioners."                                                                                                         -Rep. Peter DeFazio


Vote by Tuesday, Nov. 8th

A Note From Dawn . . .

We have real work to do.  Housing, homelessness, a decline in mental health services, combating the climate crisis, the rolling back of fundamental rights and freedoms, and the erosion of our very democracy are at stake and they are on the ballot this November 8th.

You can be the change. You can organize and mobilize for a Lane County Commissioner who will be responsive to you -- a Lane County Commissioner who will put you and working families first.

Rural or urban, rich or poor, I am committed to being a Commissioner for all, bringing communities together to work on these critical issues.

As an environmental wastewater engineer, I am proud of the work I've done to improve energy efficiency at wastewater facilities and reduce costs to taxpayers.

As a fellow citizen, I am proud of my career to ensure our waterways are safe for drinking, fishing, and farming. 

As a mom, I am proud of my college-bound son and the family we have built here in West Lane County.

I'm Dawn Lesley and I believe in science. I believe women should have be allowed to make private health decisions with their doctors. I believe personal freedoms should not be infringed.

And I believe in your vote.

If you agree, West Lane County needs new, pragmatic, data-driven, solutions-oriented leadership, I offer my service to a future that improves the quality of life for all our kids and grand-kids.

This November, I am honored to earn your vote.

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